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Who are we?


We’re a team with the mission of promoting sustainable tourism in La Ràpita and Els Alfacs Bay by offering personalised attention to visitors and cooperating with the area’s associations and entrepreneurs in developing unique experiences.


The tourist office aims to contribute to positioning the La Ràpita-Ebro Delta tourism brand as a year-round ecotourism destination by presenting an attractive and differentiated offer for every season. Our idea is to offer a visitor orientation service using new technologies that are practical and user accessible.


We like to think of ourselves as the traveller’s friend, which is why we offer our visitors personalised attention at individual tables without a desk that separates us.

We believe in the new technologies, which is why we have computerised all our information to enable us and our partner entrepreneurs to transmit it to you personally by email, WhatsApp or QR code.

We stand alongside our partner entrepreneurs to promote and co-organise activities, workshops, conferences, etc. that promote sustainable, quality tourism.

As enthusiasts and specialists in our region, we strive to provide a memorable experience to all the families who visit us.

We aim to guarantee satisfaction by facilitating our visitors’ contacts with any tourism sector. We want your memories of your stay with us to be as pleasant as possible.

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