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Welcome to the Trabucador beach

What is the parking service of the Trabucador beach?

The purpose of the Trabucador car park is to ensure the correct management of the traffic and to avoid congestion of vehicles in this natural area. The aim is to contribute to preserving this natural space, protect it and improve the experience of your visit. This is a pilot test which includes the provision of services, the limited entry of vehicles and the regulation of parking with the implementation of a paid car park. 

Who is organizing this?

This initiative is led by the City Council of Sant Carles de la Ràpita and has the support and collaboration of the Natural Park of the Delta de l’Ebre, the Coastal Service of the Department of Territory and Sustainability of the Generalitat de Catalunya, and of the Directorate General of Coastal and Marine Sustainability of the Ministry for Ecological Transition.

Who needs to pay?

The entrance to Trabucador beach is free for cyclists and walkers. However, cars, motorbikes, camping car, need to pay a fee if they want to stay more than 60 minutes. Thus, it will be understood as using the parking area for the stay of such a vehicle which exceeds the 60 minutes.


5,00€ per day for cars (full day access). 4’00€ If you book online.

8,00 € per day for camping cars (full day access). If you book online.

3,00 € per day for motorbikes (full day access). If you book online.

Payment without advance reservation

The access without reservation in advance will be granted when there are free spaces. Once having acceded to the parking area, vehicles will have 60 minutes to exit without any cost. From 60 minutes on, the vehicles will have to pay the fee to exit the area. The payment options are the following:

  1. Online reservation at the site (recommended)
  2. Payment at the information points located at the entrance of the Parking and the viewpoint (Only card payment. Cash is not allowed for safety reasons)

Season of service

The paid car park is valid from 1 July to 31 August


Valid all day, from 6am to 11pm, from July 1st to August 31st.

It is forbidden to drive and park from 11pm to 6am.

Opening hours of  booth information points and civic care and transit care services is from 9:30 a.m. to 20:30 p.m.

What is the fee for?

Your contribution is transferred 100% into the improvement of the natural space and into improvement of services such as toilets, first aid, beach cleaning, civic care, support for wheeled traffic or tourist information, among others. Thank you so much for collaborating!


The following are exempt from paying this public price:

1. The official security vehicles, of the natural park of the Delta de l’Ebre, of sanitary assistance, and other vehicles previously authorized by the City Council.

2.Vehicles owned by natural or legal persons and entities regulated in the article 35.4 of the law 58/2003, of december the 17th, General Tributària, registered at Sant Carles de la Ràpita in which name is the circulation permit registered.

3. The professional vehicles of companies working at the Trabucador beach and which have to access the car park located at Trabucador beach to provide their services.

4. The vehicles of  customers of services or tourist activities of licensed companies by the Plan of uses of beaches which are located at the parking area of the Trabucador beach, whenever they have a previous reservation of hiring of these services or activities with the discount code provided by the corresponding company.

Authorized companies:

Delta Kite Sup: Kitesurf School

Flamingo Bar – La Central del Kite: 

Bar & Kitesurf School

Més Mar: Nautical activities: routes and rental of paddle surf, kayak, dinghy sailing, and many more!

Natural Kite:  Kitesurf School

Radicalsurfex: Kitesurf School

Spirit kite School: Kitesurf School

5. Vehicles identified with a parking card for people with disabilities.

Parking areas

The car park is distributed in three large parking areas. Visitors are free to choose their parking space as long as there are available places. In any case, it is necessary to follow the guidelines of the road traffic support service staff.

Zone 1: Located at the entrance of the Trabucador beach

Zone 2: Located at point of view

Zone 3: Located at the end of the path of Trabucador beach.

Book in advance and grant your place!

We recommend you make your reservation before coming to the site Grant your place and avoid unnecessary travel! The car park will be closed once the maximum capacity of vehicles has been reached.

Car plate control 

Entry barriers recognize vehicle license plates. At the entrance, the barrier will identify you and give you a way. Once inside, you will enjoy 60 free minutes to move around freely. After this time, the payment must be made. When making the payment, you will need to identify your vehicle’s license plate so that when you leave, the barrier can identify your vehicle. It is essential that the registration number you entered at the time of booking matches the plate number of your vehicle.

Conditions for cancellation and return of the reservation

The right to use the car park corresponds to the hours between 6 am and 11 pm of the booking day. The amount of the reservation will not be refunded, except for reasons of majeure force that prevent the operation of the car park, such as severe storms, or due to the recommendation of the competent authorities and/or security forces. In these cases, the car park can be closed and the booking fee will be refunded. It will not be possible to use the parking place on a different day than the booked one. Reservations are managed through the online platform of the web (booking engine by the Estació Nàutica Sant Carles de la Ràpita-Delta de l’Ebre association, G43975226, with address at Pg. Marítim-Av. dels Alfacs, sn 43540 of Sant Carles de la Ràpita, more info

Camping car

At Zone 2, there is a camping car parking area, located next to the viewpoint. This car park does not allow camping or to stay overnight (prohibited on all Delta beaches). The timetable for this car park is the same as other vehicles (from 6 am to 11 pm), but a larger parking space is reserved for this type of vehicle.

Access by bike and on foot

Admission to Trabucador beach on foot or by bike is for free. Costless bicycle parking is available in Zone 2, right in front of the viewpoint.

Access of minibuses and buses

Although parking of this type of vehicle is not allowed in the Trabucador beach car park, it is possible to access it if the dimensions of the vehicle allow it, under the own responsibility of the bus company. Therefore, the loading and unloading of passengers in the area must be done quickly, during the first 60 minutes from the entrance to the area (Costless period).

Incidences / emergencies

In case of emergency, call the local police on tel. +34 977 740 717 or the emergency telephone number 112. The first aid service will be available in the information desk at the entrance and in the information point next to the viewpoint.

People with reduced mobility

There are places for users of vehicles with reduced mobility, located in front of the viewpoint, where the access ramp is located. There is also an adapted toilet, located at the information point in Zone 2.


Zone 1 (entrance): there are entry and exit control barriers, and a booth with tourist information services, parking payment, public toilet and first aid box.

Zone 2 (point of view): there is a house with tourist information services,parking payment, public toilet (adapted) and first aid box. Cafe services are available at the viewpoint. Around the viewpoint there is the parking for bicycles, cars for people with reduced mobility, motorcycles and camping cars. There is also a picnic area and a shaded area parking. Kitesurfing schools and a non-motorized boating service are also located here.

Zone 3 (end of the path): there is an information point which provides a support booth and a public toilet.

Garbage cleaning and collection service

The Sant Carles de la Ràpita City Council carries out several cleanings of the entire beach during the week in a manual way. However, the litter and garbage generated by the users must be taken home again, thus avoiding leaving it in the natural space. You can pick up a costless biodegradable bag at the information points or by asking the informants (Remember that you can receive a € 400 penalty if you leave the rubbish in the wild!).

Terms of use

  • With your reservation, you agree to follow the rules of use of the car park:
  • Park only in enabled areas.
  • Take the trash and garbage home. You can pick up a free biodegradable bag at the information booths or by asking the informants (Remember that you can receive a € 400 penalty if you leave the rubbish in the wild!)
  • Camping and staying overnight in the natural area is forbidden 
  • Behave respectfully with the flora and fauna


Visit the website to check for free places before you go there. Book your place in advance. Come prepared with enough hydration and sun protection.


Free entrance. Paying parking.

THANK YOU for your collaboration! 

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